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Replace them every months to keep the scent going. Another cost effective way to freshen up the smell of the closet is to set your dryer sheets or fabric softener sheets on the shelves. Place one in between every one of your towels and sheets. You can even buy an extra box and keep it on the top shelf..I want to know how to get that “not great smell” out of my linens. I wash them and put them Limpy Linens. make your linen closet smell good. Wink Ivy says ..Would love to know how you keep your sheets and towels smelling fresh in the cupboard Thanks How do you make them? Where My bed linen and towels always smell so fresh, guests always comment on it. original.gif.Just a small amount of moisture can bloom into a musty mess in the dark space in a closet. To prevent mildew smell, thoroughly dry towels and sheets. If you prefer to line dry your linens, give them a quick pop in the dryer before storing them away to ensure they re completely dry..Linen ClosetsSmall ClosetsDollar StoresDollar Store HacksLinensClean or a powder carpet cleaner will make your vacuum cleaner smell clean and fresh..If you keep vintage pieces or perhaps are just pulling out some sweaters from storage, vodka can actually help kill musty odors. Try mixing some in a one to one ratio with water in a spray bottle. Lightly spritz over any areas that smell stale, and hang your clothes in a well ventilated area..Place a fresh box on a shelf behind folded linens and replace it when odors lid on the closet floor is an easy and natural way to avoid any unpleasant odors .

How to Make Your Clothes Smell Good. Four Methods Washing Your Clothes Drying Your Clothes Storing Your Clothes Freshening Up Clothing and Preventing Odors Community Q A Do your clothes sometimes smell dusty or dirty, even immediately after you wash them? If you’re dealing with bad smelling clothes right now and need a quick fix, don’t worry!.AirBOSS Closet Air Fresheners concentrated gel formula works quickly and continuously to keep your closet smelling fresh. The unique container features a hook that easily hangs on closet .Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Line dresser drawers or shelves with this paper to keep clothes and linens smelling clean and fresh, also acts as an insect repellent..How to Make Your House Smell Good Instantly. Here are eight easy ways to make sure your home is as fresh as can be..Scented candles add a whole lot of coziness to your room and can make your entire home smell fresh or festive, depending on the scent you choose!.Years ago I had a book that had different recipes using essential oils. One was lavender and lemon oil in the bath water and the other was to make a body spritzer using vodka and lavender oil and was kept in the fridge so on hot summer days you could cool down and smell good!.Making your home, apartment, or office a positive place to be is sometimes as simple as making it smell good. Scents can affect a person’s mood or work performance, as crazy as that sounds.Think about walking into your home after a day of work and smelling fresh cinnamon and baking cookies .Between the shoes, boots, dirty jackets, coats, scarves, hats, and extra ‘junk’ crammed into the average person’s closet, odors are bound to become an issue sooner or later..

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