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Place bowls of vinegar in the closet, and close the closet door for another minutes then open it and dump the vinegar down the drain. Vinegar absorbs odors much the way baking soda does, and vinegar s own scent dissipates quickly once the vinegar is removed from the area..If you can relate to any of the above, here are a few tips for getting rid of that shoe smell Keep shoes to a minimum. If you don t love them and wear them, donate them. Clean the shoes you do have. Prevent shoes from smelling in the first place by spinkling insoles with baking soda or baby powder..Dilute white vinegar can also be misted over the carpet. If the flooring is hard, wipe it down with dilute white vinegar, then again with plain water. Use a box or oscillating fan to encourage the area to dry quickly. The last thing you want is to replace your shoe funk with mildew odor..Store your stuff in closet with long lasting aroma! brilliant DIY scents that make your wardrobe smell amazing..Things like bacteria, sweat, and other foot problems or injuries can cause your shoes to smell. Make them stay fresh with these home reme.s..Because when your closet smells good, your clothes smell good too. And let s be honest, we just don t have the time to do a load of laundry .The shoes never really lose the foot odor smell even with the use of I can use for my shoes to make them smell better after taking them off?.

Purge, purge, and purge again! Clear out your closet and give your clothes room to breath. Vacuum the floor and corners. Wipe down the walls and paint if necessary. For some reason, paint smell makes me think “new.” If you do have storage boxes in your closet, add a fabric softener sheet or sachet to the box to minimize the musty odor boxed up clothing often gets. Get rid of the Source Shoes are most .If you use your linen or utility closet to store your vacuum cleaner, brooms, mops, and or power tools, you’re just marinating everything that tight space. How to Remove Specific Smells. The first thing to do is clean out the closet. For clothing and linens, you may have to wash everything..To keep the closet fresh, hang mesh bags of activated charcoal buy it at a pet supply store from hooks in the closet, or use bowls of dry coffee grounds or baking soda, replacing these odor eaters when they no longer smell fresh. Air out the closet on a regular basis to keep it smelling its best poor air circulation and damp conditions could lead to stale or even musty odors, beside just the funk from . Spray your shoes with a combination of percent water and percent white distilled vinegar. Spritz the mixture into your shoe lining and sole, and let it air dry for minutes. You can use a hair dryer after that if you are in a hurry to dry the shoe. Follow that up .Sometimes closets smell bad because there is too much moisture. To remedy this, place a couple of cups of rock salt in a cheesecloth bag and hang it in your closet. The salt will soak up any excess moisture. Keep an eye on the bag, and replace the salt when it appears damp..Fill small cotton bags with your favorite herb. We recommend lavender or lemongrass. Secure the top and place the bags inside your closet. Tip Try placing a few packets in the pockets of your jackets or infrequently worn clothes to keep them fresh. . Linen Spray . To make your own linen spray, grab a spray bottle and your favorite essential oil. Add a few drops of essential oils to the spray bottle, and .I put cedar shoe trees in my dress shoes every day after work but I’m sure the shoes still smell up the closet a little bit. The shoes never really lose the foot odor smell even with the use of shoe trees.. Always wash and thoroughly dry your feet before putting on your shoes that will help the prolong life of your shoes, too. Calluses often retain the smell of sweaty feet even after you shower, so gently use a pumice on your feet often to remove excess callus..

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